Optimise your pregnancy with acupuncture and herbs 

Acupuncture is a powerful modality which may be used to treat many complaints during pregnancy like morning sickness & nausea, fluid retention, fatigue, dizziness, lack of appetite, insomnia, anxiety. It is very useful if you do not wish to ingest any drugs or medications during your pregnancy. Even if you are well and healthy during this time, monthly acupuncture treatments may be used to optimize the development of the foetus, and to ensure that you, as the mother is in the best of health.

Chinese herbs are also a good alternative to medications. They have been used for centuries to ensure a healthy, comfortable pregnancy for the mother. A developing foetus needs the best nourishment and this is only possible, if you, as the mother, is in top health. For more information on the use of Chinese Medicine during pregnancy, click here.

Of course, the most basic level to nourish the Body is through what you eat. If you are interested in how Chinese medicine looks at diet and how it affects your health, click here. Debra Betts is an authority on the use of acupuncture during pregnancy and childbirth and is a midwife, nurse and Chinese doctor/acupuncturist.

 Using Acupuncture to ensure an easy delivery and labour

Acupuncture is used as a routine pre-birth preparation treatment for an efficient labour. When used regularly from 37 weeks onwards, it prepares the mother's body for labour, facilitates the spontaneous initiation of labour at term & assists cervical ripening. It can be used with moxibustion to turn breech presentations with over 90% success after 37 weeks. If the baby is overdue,  it may be used to initiate contractions at full term, while providing the other mechanisms which allow the woman to have a natural birth. Because the labour is efficient, with sufficient cervical dilation, the need to use medical interventions like oxytocin, prostaglandin, ceasarean section or analgesics & anaesthetics may be avoided or minimized, allowing the mother to be present at the birth with not too much pain.

Chinese herbal formulas may also be taken to ensure that the Blood and Qi of the mother is optimal so that she has the strength to undergo the process of labour. This is particularly encouraged for the first baby.

 Acupressure for labour                                                                                                                              

To continue the process started to facilitate an efficient labour by the acupuncture sessions, acupressure may be used on the same points used to keep the contractions progressing once they have started. They assist in cervical dilation and are able to decrease pain significantly. This is invaluable as the acupuncturist is often not present at the birth. The points used are easily located and may be done by the midwife, partner or anyone who is assisting during the labour. More information and a booklet from a well-known midwife/acupuncturist named Debra Betts may be downloaded here.

 After the birth                                                                                                                                             

Chinese herbs have been used for centuries by mothers to regain their strength after childbirth and the accompanying loss of blood. Nine months of your energy has just gone into the creation of a new life, and after the birth is the time during which you, as the mother, needs to restore her health. Herbs can be used to ensure a good flow of nutritious breast milk, any breast feeding conditions, mastitis, post-partum depression, fatigue, and to aid in the recovery of any surgical procedures during birth.

Acupuncture is particularly useful at this point when the mother does not want to ingest medications or drugs. Treatments immediately after the birth can help restore a tired Mum to a better functioning state, and readies the uterus for the next menstrual cycle. Women who have had this support find that they have less post-partum problems and issues.

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