Advanced pharmaceutical technologies have made the ingestion of herbal formulas easy and effortless. Individually customized formulas are made up to your specific condition and constitution to address your main complaints. They are made up of granules which are decoctions of herbs that have been dried. These water soluble granules are then dissolved in hot water, and consumed as a tea.

You will be instructed to take them 2-3 times a day to maintain the level of herbs in your body at a minimum level.
Herbs which address your symptoms are used alongside herbs that correct and support your organ weaknesses to effectively deal with the presenting conditions. Addressing the deficiencies which cause your symptoms will ensure that the condition does not recur and if it does, with decreased severity/frequency.

Acute conditions like colds/flus are usually resolved in 3-7 days. Other chronic illnesses may take 2-3 months of herbal therapy. The formula which you are given will be changed and adjusted along the way to take into consideration your current state of health at the time of treatment.

Drinking your herbal formula should be a pleasant experience.
It is a powerful medicine which is assisting you to reach your health goals.
Make time during the day and evening to sit down and drink your herbal formula in a quiet contemplative state.

Enjoy your healing experience!        Walpole, Western Australia | (61-8) 9840-1155

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