Starting Monday 1st Oct, affordable acupuncture sessions will be offered in Walpole at the
Walpole Wellness Centre, Mondays 8.00 am - 1.00pm.
You can confirm an appointment 9840 1155 or just show up and get treated.
For all past/current clients only $50.00 per session (1 hour).



Back again in Albany At Solaris Care 1st Nov 2018 and every other Thursday for the summer of 2018/2019.

Acupuncture will be available on a fortnightly basis, every other Thursday

at the Albany Hospital. This is available through the

Solaris Care Association at the Albany Health Campus.

Solaris Care is an organization which makes available various complementary modalities to Cancer patients and their carers.

Call 9892 2600 to find out if you can access this free service.

Tell your friends about this wonderful free service.

Chinese medicine is a powerful modality and we owe it to others who may benefit, to tell them about it.

I will be holding SHONISHIN workshops in the next few months in the South West, starting with Walpole, then Albany and Denmark. You can also view a short demonstration of a typical Shonishin treatment here.

Please call to register your interest. (08) 9840 1155 Rosemarie

For workshop flyer, click here.

An easy way to future health is to minimize your child's use of drugs and medication. To do this, you need to have another regime in place. Chinese medicine and Shonishin offer and healthy, drug free alternative to child health care. Address weaknesses with herbs and regular Shonishin treatment - painless & effortless.



This year has been pivotal with the treatment of many women trying to become Mothers.

Chinese Medicine, mainly acupuncture and herbs have been used successfully even to support IVF.

This is an article from a reknowned Chinese physician who specialises in Pregnancy and Motherhood issues.

Women who are contemplating having an assisted conception are encouraged to find out how herbs and acupuncture

will assist in preparing the Body, womb and uterus  to allow this to happen.

Watch this short simple video which explains how it works.

Already pregnant??? ... then find out how Chinese Medicine can help to optimize your pregnancy and ensure an easier labour and delivery.      Walpole, Western Australia | (61-8) 9840-1155 


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