Ever wondered why you do all this exercise and go on all these diets but cant seem to lose weight permanently??

Here is another insight into this quandry.

Spring is a great time to start a weight loss regime. The weather allows outdoor activities and you can take those regular walks you have been talking about all winter. Call to find out how acupuncture can help you achieve where you want to go with your Body and Health.


Back again in Albany At Solaris Care on Thursdays for the rest of 2017.

Acupuncture will be available on a fortnightly basis, every other Thursday

at the Albany Hospital. This is available through the

Solaris Care Association at the Albany Health Campus.

Solaris Care is an organization which makes available various complementary modalities to Cancer patients and their carers.

Call 9892 2600 to find out if you can access this free service.

2017 Update on days @ SolarisCare

                This fortnightly service is progressing well, with many clients coming back for more needles! It is also a good opportunity   to educate/inform clients about how Chinese herbal therapy can be used in conjunction

with needles to support the process of chemotherapy, radiation & surgery. Spread the word !!!

Chinese medicine is a powerful modality and we owe it to others who may benefit, to tell them about it.



This year has been pivotal with the treatment of many women trying to become Mothers.

Chinese Medicine, mainly acupuncture and herbs have been used successfully even to support IVF.

This is an article from a reknowned Chinese physician who specialises in Pregnancy and Motherhood issues.

Women who are contemplating having an assisted conception are encouraged to find out how herbs and acupuncture

will assist in preparing the Body, womb and uterus  to allow this to happen.

Watch this short simple video which explains how it works.

Already pregnant??? ... then find out how Chinese Medicine can help to optimize your pregnancy and ensure an easier labour and delivery.

sspikelee888@bordernet.com.au      Walpole, Western Australia | (61-8) 9840-1155 


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