Acupuncture is an ancient system of Chinese healing based on the location of meridians in the Body. Each of these represents different organs and particular functional aspects of the human system. The foundational belief is that the Body's life force - Qi flows through these meridians. When the flow is harmonious and the Body is balanced, there is health. There is a balance between the Yin and Yang aspects. When there is an imbalance - too much, too little, too hot, too cold, or a blockage, the flow of Qi is obstructed and an imbalance occurs. To restore balance, needles are inserted on points along these meridians. For more information, click here.

 sterile, disposable needles are used


Moxibustion is sometimes used during acupuncture. Pieces of moxa (mugwort) are fixed onto the needles and lit giving off a pleasant incense-like aroma and warming the relevant areas. Alternatively, sticks of moxa may be held close to acupuncture points or along meridians. The overall effect is calming, strengthening and warming. It is usually used when a particular organ or function needs to be strengthened. Click here, for more.


Cupping is yet another technique used during sessions. It is particularly useful for muscular conditions and can effectively release tight and painful muscles. It is also used during respiratory conditions like colds and influenza, arthritis, skin conditions & some gastrointestinal disorders. In the early days, bamboo cups were used, with glass cups and plastic ones currently used. The space in the glass cups is heated to create a vacuum and then sealed over the skin. This brings blood and stagnation to the surface to be released.To see a live demonstration, click here.

Acupuncture is used for a wide range of conditions and also to maintain health, boost the immune system and improve vitality. It treats underlying conditions that give rise to external symptoms commonly known as disease. Used on its own, it is a powerful, drug-free modality. The W.H.O. has compiled a list of common conditions treated with acupuncture and this is periodically updated. To see the latest list, click here. For those who require scientific evidence that it works, numerous studies are done to prove the efficacy of acupuncture. Click here to see one.

More than just a treatment for pain.

Unlike in Australia, acupuncture is also used as a support treatment for cancer, especially in the UK.  It is a non-ingestive therapy, and is very useful for pain relief, nausea from chemo treatments, sleeplessness, anxiety, hot flushes, fatigue, shortness of breath, swollen lymph glands ... to name a few. It can also build your immunity & assist in correcting imbalances in the Body which give rise to an environment which is conducive to the growth of cancer cells. It supports your Body functions to work properly while you are receiving treatment, and helps you to rest/sleep properly - both of which are essential to recuperation.

To read more about the use of acupuncture in the UK for cancer support, click here.      Walpole, Western Australia | (61-8) 9840-1155

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